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Thank you for your interest in working with Community Grains! We offer a large selection of wholesale foodservice and retail dry goods, including whole kernels, whole grain flour, whole grain pasta, polenta, and hearth breads. We work with innovative bakers, chefs, retailers, schools, and institutions to build community around nutritious grains and grow our local grain economy.

Current Product List

Our dedicated sales team is ready to help discuss pricing and distribution. Please reach out directly to sales@communitygrains.com or through our form below.

Wholesale Inquiry Form

Current Wholesale Offerings

Par-Baked Bread

Identity Preserved

Organic, 100% Whole Grain

Natural, 12+ hour fermentation

Two flavors – Cracked wheat & seeded

Par-baked, frozen, and ready to refresh in the oven

Retail Pasta

Seven fun & versatile shapes

Identity Preserved

Organic, 100% Whole Grain

Non-GMO Project Verified

Food Service Pasta

Fun & versatile shapes

Tested to perform in production kitchens

Bulk packaged for easy use

97% – 100% whole grain

Flour & Polenta

Unique & diverse varieties

Identity Preserved

Organic, 100% whole grain

Non-GMO Project Verified

Retail and wholesale products

Wholesale Inquiry Form

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