What We Talk About When We Talk About Wheat

In January we hosted a wheat tasting, in an attempt to distinguish flavor characteristics of different varieties of wheat. We focused on three varieties grown organically in Healdsburg, CA by Matt Taylor of Front Porch Farms: Cristallo, Bolero, Desert King pictured here in flour form alongside some all-purpose white:

We’ve finally compiled the notes we collected from our illustrious tasters.

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  1. […] Panel members were gracious enough to let us collect their notes at night’s end and we are now in the process of compiling a first draft of a wheat/flour directory of terms which we will continue to add to and expand on as we become more fluent. There was definitely the consensus that this was a great first step, but that more tastings with additional variables and applications should follow. Click here to see a list of the descriptors our tasters came up with. […]

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