The industrial food economy took from us things vital to our health, and flavors and textures important to our pleasures. Much was lost.  But building back can be oh so wonderful–full of joy, love, and what is important to leading a good life .  

Sam DeNicola started Bread Bike in SanLuis Obisbo just a couple of years ago, baking bread at home and delivering by bike.  But it very quickly grew, and now serves several hundred delivery customers,  has its own bakery and store, and serves several outlying Farmer’s Markets in the area.  If you think that growth story is startling, you should meet Sam.

The Bread Bike mission: “Through our work we strive to cultivate, educate, and inspire an inclusive community that cares about their food, their farmers, their planet, and each other.”

Sam’s instructions to his fleet of delivery-bike staff : “Go slow. Be kind. Have fun. Spend time talking to folks.”

Sam bakes with our Hard White Patwin and Hard Red Summit flours grown by Fritz Durst, and next month expects to be able to mill those wheats fresh.  We’ll switch from delivering flour to delivering kernels.