In an article for Munchies, Javier Cabral explores the variances in texture, flavor, and depth in artisanal wheat varieties during a workshop run by Larder Baking Company and Community Grains at A.O.C. Wine Bar.

“If we care so much about where our meat, produce, and wine comes from, why not with our wheat flour?”

Caroline Styne of The Lucques Group in Los Angeles posed this question to a small crowd of writers, pastry chefs, and bakers that have all eagerly gathered on a Monday afternoon to taste six different wheat varieties—earthy Patwin, chewy Senatori Cappelli, nutty Desert King, vegetal Red Fife, muddy Frassinetto, and buttery Edison—through assorted rustic breads, handmade pastas, and flatbreads. They were all prepared the same way and presented next to a normal foodservice-quality semolina pasta.

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