Our Mission

Through deep relationships with farmers and the power of delicious, sustainably grown whole grains, we aim to restore a vibrant local grain economy in California — improving the health of our community and our environment in a big way.

Celebrating Grain

The bold flavors, aromas, and wholesome goodness of locally grown whole grains were once commonplace in our agrarian past. The grains’ distinct personalities – from the natural interaction of seeds, soil, weather, the farmer, and the mill – were nearly lost a century ago due to commodification and industrial milling.

So we’ve teamed up with renowned local farmers, millers, bakers, chefs, and cooks like you to break from convention and create a production cycle that values flavor, nutrition, and transparency over uniformity — and we’re restoring a vibrant local grain economy in the process. For us, it all starts with working closely with our farmers. By forging deep ties with them, and staying connected to their planting cycles, we help bring the flavors and that freshness of whole grains back to the table again, and push the local grain movement forward.

The industry doesn’t tell you where a bag of flour comes from, because it can’t. We believe wheat shouldn’t be anonymous, so we tell you the whole story – from seed to table.

Our Values


What’s “whole wheat“? According to the USDA, only 51% of a product needs to be whole grain for it to be labeled as whole wheat! Misleading, right? We believe that whole grain flour is supposed to contain the entire wheat kernel, endosperm, bran, and germ. We’re committed to 100% whole grains, milled intact, and unsifted.


Transparency is at the heart of what we do. We work closely with our farm partners to build a supply chain that allows us to know how our grains were grown — preserving their identity and provenance. We tell the story of how our grain came to your table with our 23 Points of IdentityTM — 23 pieces of information our farmers and millers share with you.


Good farming and healthy soil are the key to a more resilient food system. That’s why we work with farmers who adopt a regenerative approach to cultivating their land – and we work with them as equals. With environmental stressors increasing, there’s never been a better time to empower farmers as agents of change.


Why do our products taste so good? Healthy soil grows nutrient-rich grain, which tastes better. Just like the care put into the harvest, the wheat’s nuanced characteristics are enhanced by the hands of our venerable food-makers. Our products are made in small batches using time-honored techniques. Shop our products.” Shop our products.

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