A Video about Identity Preserved Fettuccine: What’s the Story?

If you’ve ever picked up a package of our 100% Whole Grain Durum-Iraq Fettuccine, you might have noticed that it looks a little different from our other products. The Full Belly Farm stamp, distinguished by its laughing Buddha, perches on the top right corner of the package. Below, a stylized index card design details the product’s full information — from seed to harvest to mill to you. But what does all this information mean?

Well, our fettuccine is identity preserved.

Identity preservation” is a process, originally used for agricultural products, that we’ve adapted for our consumer goods because of its alignment with our “know your wheat” philosophy. We stay connected to our fettuccine at every step of the production cycle — from before the wheat is planted, through harvest, cleaning, storage, milling, and pasta manufacture. This ensures that we offer you the highest quality product we can with superior flavor, nutritional integrity, and a story you can sink your teeth in to.

It’s simple. We believe food just tastes better and is better for you when you are connected to it, and identity preservations helps us and you make that connection!

Our Identity Preserved Fettuccine starts with selecting the breed of wheat. For our fettuccine, we went with Durum-Iraq, a wheat originally from Iraq known for its golden color. This type of wheat is a landrace variety developed through close adaptation to its environment over centuries, and carrying greater genetic resilience than typical commercial breeds.

The wheat is grown by Full Belly Farms, northwest of Sacramento in California’s Central Valley. Full Belly, a certified organic operation and the recipient of the 2014 Aldo Leopold Conservation Award for their exemplary stewardship practices, is widely recognized as one of the leading sustainable operations in Northern California.

After harvest and cleaning at Full Belly, the wheat is whole-milled into 100% whole grain flour at Bay State Mills in Woodland, CA, and then brought to small-scale pasta manufacturer, Pasta Sonoma in Rohnert Park. Pasta Sonoma makes all our pastas in small batches, extruding the cuts with bronze dies and slow-drying the noodles. From there it’s boxed up and just a step away from store shelves, your stovetop, and your plate!

Now that’s a homegrown story you can taste! Our whole grain fettuccine’s distinctive creamy, grassy and slightly nutty wheat flavor embodies the rich soils it grew in, the whole milling it underwent, and the artisanal final touches to the noodles.

And this is just the beginning of our adventures in creating IP products. Right now there are four more crops of IP wheat in the ground, and we’re just about to introduce a Fusilli Lunghi made with Senatore Capelli wheat from Front Porch Farm.

Stay tuned for more IP offerings coming soon!

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