Frog Hollow Farm’s New Crop of Wheat

Fire-streaked Suncrest peaches, Emerald Beaut green plums, juicy, teeth-staining blueberry tartlets, jam-stuffed peanut butter cookies — Frog Hollow Farm in Brentwood, California, sells some of the region’s most exquisite fruit and fruit pastries — and, soon, sustainably grown wheat!  We’re extremely pleased to be supporting a wonderful farm in this endeavor.

According to Farmer Al Courchesne, growing wheat is part of Brentwood’s heritage. “Going back 100 years, Contra Costa County was one of the wheat-producing centers of America. All the grain, as a matter of fact, was shipped all over the world, around Cape Horn to the east coast and to Europe and everywhere in between. In terms of land and climate, it was the perfect climate to grow grain. So we’re hearkening back to the history of Brentwood as a wheat growing region.”

Growing wheat is a natural step for Frog Hollow. It increases biodiversity — Frog Hollow has 143 acres, much of the which is occupied by an organic orchard of sublime fruit — peaches, quince, pomegranates, kumquats, olives, pears, and more. It also helps support the farm’s growing pastry business.

16 acres were planted over the winter, and so far, the field is looking good — no weeds, and with all of this rain, the wheat is coming up beautifully. We’re looking forward to its first harvest and its first whole wheat pastries!

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