Our Grains

Our approach to grain is grounded firmly in the belief that grain can and should reflect its provenance. With care, thoughtful seed selection, and healthy soil teeming with life, our wheat, corn, and rye can express the special characteristics of the land from which it grew – they can be that much more nutritious, flavorful, and beneficial for the environment.

There’s a shortage of organic grain varieties in California, so we’re working closely with local grain pioneers and academic breeding programs to support regional organic seed development. We currently source along a spectrum of heirloom and modern grain varieties – prioritizing flavor, nutritional value, and adaptability to regional microclimates and organic soil conditions.

Because each seed is molded by soil, weather, and farming practices, there may be slight variability from harvest to harvest – even on the same plot of land. That’s what we love about this wheat!

It’s also the reason why our 23 Points of IdentityTM provide full information, including lab analyses, for each grain.

Current Harvest

Our Identity Preserved grains, listed below, are traceable from seed to table. On each package of Community Grains Identity Preserved products, you’ll find a code number that you can enter on our website for full information about the grain.

Patwin | Hard White Wheat

Grown by Fritz Durst, Capay Valley

Patwin is an exceptional wheat variety developed by UC Davis that is particularly well-adapted to our region. Though relatively high protein and gluten levels and excellent water absorption, it makes beautiful, aromatic, 100% whole grain loaves of bread with a toasty exterior and a moist crumb.

Summit | Hard Red Wheat

Grown by Fritz Durst, Capay Valley

A modern hard red wheat spring wheat introduced in 2011, Summit has good baking qualities and gluten strength typical of red wheat.  The phenols from the bran give this wheat a reddish color and rich flavor for rustic bread, or more complex sweets.

Gazelle | Spring Rye

Grown by Fritz Durst in Capay, CA

Rye has a distinctive, earthy tang and is mouthwateringly delicious not only in the traditional breads of Eastern Europe and Scandinavia but in a whole host of applications. High in fiber, copper, magnesium, and other essential nutrients, adding rye to your baked goods will make them more nutritious. We call this Hunton Rye, after renowned Oregon farmer, Tom Hunton. Rye isn’t just a deliciously wholesome addition to hearty breads – as one of the best cool-season cover crops.

Senatore Cappelli | Durum

Grown by Full Belly Farm in Guinda, CA

An ancestor to modern hard amber durum. Named after Senator Raffaele Cappelli from the Italian region of Abruzzo, he was a promoter in the early twentieth century of agrarian reform which led to the distinction between hard and soft wheats. With striking looks due to its tall black-bearded stalks, Senatore Cappelli is also drought resistant. Highly nutritious and intensely aromatic.

Desert King | Durum Wheat

Grown by Coke Farm in San Juan Bautista, CA

Desert King is a hard amber durum wheat bred by UC Davis that is beautifully adapted to our dry Mediterranean climate. Earthy, spicy, with pronounced walnut flavors, Desert King produces a superior pasta.

Floriani | Red Flint Corn

Grown by Fritz Durst Farm in Capay Valley, CA

Originally bred by Native Americans, Floriani red flint corn is a rare landrace cultivated by Italian Alpine farmers in Trentino for use in polenta. Floral and mildly sweet, this luscious, pink-tinted polenta is a traditional backdrop for the rustic flavors of Italian food — earthy dishes of mushrooms, dark, bold greens, and braised and grilled meats.

Past Harvest

WB9229 | Hard Red Spring Wheat

Grown by Fritz Durst Farm in Capay Valley, CA

A popular modern variety that works beautifully in breads due to its high protein content. This Hard Red Wheat tastes like honey, and smells warm and inviting.

Durum Iraq | Durum Wheat

Grown by Full Belly Farm, Guinda, CA

Durum Iraq is a landrace from Iraq that was popularized in California by Monica Spiller, founder of The Whole Grain Connection. We are enamored of the golden color and mild sweet character it lends to pastas and breads.

Edison | Hard White Wheat

Grown by Full Belly Farm in Guinda, CA

This variety originated in the Pacific Northwest from self-taught backyard wheat breeder Merrill Lewis. It was then improved by Washington State University’s Bread Lab. Golden-hued and low in tannins, it gives a delicate, buttery flavor to sourdoughs, pizza doughs, and muffins.

COLR | Hard Red Winter Wheat

Grown by Fritz Durst, Capay Valley

COLR was grown organically for us in Capay, CA. This wheat was originally adapted over time by Tom Hunton in Central Oregon, and we wanted to give it a try in California. It turns out, COLR grows beautifully on organic farms in the Central Valley.

Frassinetto | Hard Red Wheat

Grown by Full Belly Farm in Guinda, CA

Frassinetto is a very rare cultivated/improved landrace from Italy that is named for the Piedmontese town where it is said to have originated. This heirloom has an unusually high protein level that is comparable to modern varieties of wheat and makes unusually delicious breads and pastas — a special characteristic of this wheat.

Red Fife | Hard Red Wheat

Grown by Full Belly Farm in Guinda, CA

This Canadian landrace was the industry standard in the late nineteenth century, before the advent of wheat varieties favored by modern industrial farming. Bread made with this flour is warm, nutty, and moist, without any bitterness. A favorite amongst bread bakers.

Otto File | Yellow Flint Corn

Grown by Fritz Durst Farm in Capay Valley, CA

This heirloom is a close relative to the corn brought to Italy by Columbus and was grown by Italian farmers for making polenta. Prized in Italian kitchens, it has a deep golden color from an abundance of phytonutrients, and a sweet, buttery taste.