2015 Conference on the Development of Our Local Whole-Grain Economy


Highlights from the 2014 Grain Conference


Introducing: Pasta 2.0

What is Pasta 2.0? Pasta with the deep flavors and nutrient density of true whole grain wheat, now with the texture and bite of the finest Italian white pastas.  "Absolutely flawless! Yes, nutrient density off [...]

  • Dr. David Killilea, of UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland, Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute standing in front of a shelf of flours. The logo for Heated is in the corner

“These California Grain Geeks Want to Boost Your Immune System With True Whole Wheat” – Mark Bittman & Melissa McCart, Heated

"Community Grains contracts with farmers to grow heritage wheat locally, fairly, and sustainably. With that grain, the company makes flour, breads, and pasta – preserving all of the germ and bran, where a majority of the nutrients reside, most of which are lost in the production of white flour" - Bittman and McCart

"Bread geeks: don't miss this fascinating piece on how a lot of "whole wheat" is anything but. Now we have a test. " - Michael Pollan, Twitter