2015 Conference on the Development of Our Local Whole-Grain Economy


Highlights from the 2014 Grain Conference


  • Dr. David Killilea, of UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland, Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute standing in front of a shelf of flours. The logo for Heated is in the corner

“These California Grain Geeks Want to Boost Your Immune System With True Whole Wheat” – Mark Bittman & Melissa McCart, Heated

"Community Grains contracts with farmers to grow heritage wheat locally, fairly, and sustainably. With that grain, the company makes flour, breads, and pasta – preserving all of the germ and bran, where a majority of the nutrients reside, most of which are lost in the production of white flour" - Bittman and McCart

"Bread geeks: don't miss this fascinating piece on how a lot of "whole wheat" is anything but. Now we have a test. " - Michael Pollan, Twitter

How to Store our Whole Grain Flours

All of Community Grains' flours are milled 100% whole-grain. This means that our flours contain the entire wheat kernel, including the endosperm, bran, and germ. Whole-grain flours are rich in nutrients, especially those found in [...]