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Community Grains in the News

“Op-ed: Will the Real ‘Whole Grain’ Please Stand Up?” – Bob Klein, Civil Eats

“[Farmers] know better than anyone how broken our commodity food system is . . . So, I think we all started from the same place, and it had to be a completely alternative system to succeed.” - Bob Klein

"'Drive-by' stone milling and the fakery that has trashed the concept of whole grain" - Michael Moss, Twitter

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“These California Grain Geeks Want to Boost Your Immune System With True Whole Wheat” – Mark Bittman & Melissa McCart, Heated

"Community Grains contracts with farmers to grow heritage wheat locally, fairly, and sustainably. With that grain, the company makes flour, breads, and pasta – preserving all of the germ and bran, where a majority of the nutrients reside, most of which are lost in the production of white flour" - Bittman and McCart

"Bread geeks: don't miss this fascinating piece on how a lot of "whole wheat" is anything but. Now we have a test. " - Michael Pollan, Twitter

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A Long Way From Wonder Bread – Sophie Egan, New York Times

Ponsford’s Place is part of a new movement in whole grains. Led by groups like the Oakland-based organization Community Grains, the grains are grown locally, and consist of varieties unlike most of the flour available today. The California-grown grains are milled without ever separating the germ, the embryo of a grain kernel, and the bran, the protective outer layer...

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What if Everything You Knew About Grains Was Wrong? – Twilight Greenaway, Civil Eats

First it was produce. Then the local food movement expanded to take on meat. Now it’s all about grains. Nothing proves this point more than the packed room I found myself in last Sunday morning. At the point in the week when most people are unfurling their copy of the New York Times, or making their second leisurely café au lait, I filed in to the back of the dining area at Oliveto, a high-end Italian restaurant in Oakland, to join around 100 people gathered to discuss local grains...

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