Notes From the Field

Background and Disclosures

To more fully understand the differences among industrially produced “whole wheat” products and those produced on a smaller scale using different milling technologies—and what actually comprises those products—Community Grains brought together a science committee [...]

The Whole Story

This study investigates whether current systems of whole wheat production and labeling meet consumer expectations for “whole wheat”:  a reasonable belief that 100% or certainly most of the kernel (“whole”) is contained in the output [...]

Aroma and Flavor Notes of Bread

A really good loaf of bread made with whole-milled flour has its own special character, and because of this, there's much to savor. But how can we talk about what bread tastes like? How do we share [...]

Wheat 101: How to Read your Wheat

Wheat has a vocabulary. In conversations about wheat, there are a few different characteristics that are consistently referenced — each of these has an impact on the final quality of the flour, dough, and end [...]