2016 Community Grains Conference

The 2016 Community Grains Conference is designed to deepen our understanding of the next steps in our most critical mission — to build a robust Northern California grain economy. In this conference, we look to our community of farmers, bakers, scientists, policy wonks, and educators, alongside all conference attendees, for wisdom and collective solutions!

We are thrilled to announce that Paul Hawken, noted environmentalist, businessman, and author, who coined the phrase “restorative economy”, has been added to the conference lineup! He’s spent the last several decades working to transform the relationship between business and the environment, and is currently Executive Director of Project Drawdown.

We are also excited that David Montgomery, geologist and co-author of The Hidden Half of Nature: The Microbial Roots of Life and Health, will be our keynote speaker.David’s book has sparked intense interest in the complexity and value of nutrient rich soil.

Delicious food and drink (and you guessed it, bread made from local, organic grains) to be served both days. We look forward to seeing you there!

Questions? Get in touch at ANSWERS@COMMUNITYGRAINS.COM

Day 1: Saturday, April 9, 2016, 6-9 PM
St George Spirits, 2601 Monarch St, Alameda, CA 94501
We’re kicking off the conference on Saturday, April 9th, with a welcome reception and evening discussion followed by cocktails and dinner overlooking the city lights at St. George Spirits. Must be 21+ to attend.

Day 2: Sunday, April 10, 2016, 9AM – 4:15PM
Oliveto Restaurant, 5655 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94618
On Sunday, we’ll hold a series of panel discussions focusing on the “how’s” and “why’s” of building a local grain infrastructure, including seed supply, good farming, soil health, and the need for transparency.

Schedule for April 9, 2016
Speakers and panelists will be added as confirmed.
Continue to check back here for updates!

Welcome Reception (Begins promptly at 6pm)
Light snacks and refreshments to be served.

Opening Remarks: Goals for the Granary (6:20pm)
Bob Klein, Owner/Founder of Community Grains

The Baker & Farmer Connection (6:45pm-7:45pm)
What do bakers and eaters gain from a closer connection to farmers growing their grain? What does it mean to bake with non-commodified grain?
Craig Ponsford, Ponsford’s Place in Marin, CA
Matt Kreutz, Firebrand Bakery in Oakland, CA
Josey Baker, The Mill in San Francisco, CA
Rhonda Wiedenbeck, Beck’s Bakery
Tom Hunton, Camas Country Mill in Eugene, OR
John LaBoyteaux, Camp Grant Ranch, Humboldt, CA

Dinner & Drinks (7:45pm-9:15pm)
Enjoy El Tonayense tacos and St. George Spirits small-batch cocktails under the stars and overlooking the beautiful Bay.

Schedule for April 10, 2016
Speakers and panelists will be added as confirmed.
Continue to check back here for updates!

Opening Remarks: Goals for a Granary (9am)
Paul Muller
, Full Belly Farm
Heather Crawford, Community Grains CFO

Keynote: David Montgomery (9:30am)
David R. Montgomery is a geologist and Professor of Earth and Space Sciences at University of Washington, Seattle. He is also the co-author of The Hidden Half of Nature: The Microbial Roots of Life and Health

The Need for Seed (10am)
Currently, many breeding techniques are conflated with advancements and negative perspectives around GMOs. Let’s take a moment to explore the full range of breeding techniques. Can we develop an acceptable standard? How do we build a long-term supply of good, clean seed?
Brook Brouwer, Organic Seed Alliance
Matthew Dillon, Clif Bar & Company, Seed Matters

Approaches to “Good” Farming (11am)
Wheat from nutrient rich soil has become a major focus for us – linked to some definition of “good farming”. What do we mean when we say good farming? Agroecology, regenerative farming, advanced rotation systems, no-till, poly-cultures – what methods can we look to? Can we or should we set a standard?
David Montgomery, University of Washington
Paul Muller, Full Belly Farm
Tom Hunton, Camas Country Mill

{Break for lunch at 12:30p}

Notes from the Lab: The “Whole Grain” Difference (1:30pm)
David Killilea presents his findings on the nutritional value of 100% whole grain.
David Killileanutrition scientist at the Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute (CHORI) in California

Identity Preserved Standards: Beyond Transparency (2:15pm)
Here we make the case for transparency and its value in the marketplace – from farming, to processing, to distribution, to what constitutes “whole grain”. How expansive can we expect our transparency standards to be? Who, if anyone, should be held accountable? And who is listening?
Bob Klein, Owner/Founder of Oliveto and Community Grains

Scale: How big is too big? (3:15pm)
Once the roots of a local grain economy begin to take hold along all points in the supply chain, how do we rebuild a system that avoids the pitfalls of commodification? Though the local grain infrastructure is still in its beginning stages, we see the need for long-term planning and innovative farming systems (such as adopting wheat as a rotation crop). What is the potential for making California a “wheat state” and what are the limitations of scale?
Paul Hawken, Project Drawdown
Stefanie Bourcier, Farm Fuel, Inc.
Tom Hunton, Camas Country Mill
Kelly Mulville, Paicines Ranch

 Closing Remarks (4:15pm)

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