Hard Red Winter Wheat

Red Wing–California grown
Whole grain, 13.61% protein, high-strength
Conventionally grown.

Full-bodied, nutty flavor. Can be used as an all-purpose flour. Good for artisan breads, hearth breads, as well as quick breads & pastry. Makes a wonderfully toothsome pasta, and delicious pizza crust.

Hard White Winter Wheat

Blanca Fuerte–California grown
Whole grain, 12% protein
Conventionally grown

Can be used as an all-purpose flour, but without quite the strength of Red Winter wheat. Milder flavor, whole-grain variety. Good in rolls, buns, pan breads, cookies, scones, biscuits, quick breads, pancakes, waffles, crépes. Certain pastas, pizza. Wholesale ONLY.

Hard Amber Durum

Fortissimo–California grown
Whole grain, 10.34% protein
Conventionally grown

Same grain used for ‘Semolina’ flour, but ours includes all of the grain. Works exceptionally well in extruded-pasta dough. Can be added to other flours for its strength, rich flavors, and gold color. Wholesale ONLY.


Soft White Winter Wheat

Pastry Flour–California grown
Whole grain, 8.50% protein. Conventionally grown.

Noted for its subtle flavor and fine texture. Adds a depth of flavor and nutritional benefits not available in refined flours.

Lower protein and gluten content than other flours, ideal for pastry applications. Great for more delicate applications such as cakes and cookies.