Red Flint “Floriani” Corn Polenta Integrale

Near extinct, this rare variety of corn was re-discovered in 2000 near the town of Trento in northern Italy. It is currently in very limited productionin the United States.

Polenta integrale is the traditional Italian term for ‘whole milled’, meaning the whole corn kernel is course-milled together with nothing sifted out, offering a beautiful, rustic texture and hearty, full-flavor that lends itself as the perfect accompaniment to traditional ragús & savory braises, or just butter and cheese. Also makes a delicious alternative to hot cereal.

Grown by Mohr-Fry Ranches and Ian Johnston in Woodland, CA. Low yield. Refrigeration is recommended after opening.




tip_gold_250 Recipe: How to cook Red Flint Corn Polenta Integrale