NEW – OWW Pasta

Exciting new pastas made with our specially milled Old World White flour!

OWW_spag_300Our Old World White flour is Hard Amber Durum whole grain flour, stone-milled on a low temperature granite wheel in Woodland, CA. Less than 5% of the bran is sifted out and virtually all of the germ remains intact. This is how flour was milled for centuries before the advent of roller mills and how it is still done in a few smaller mills in Europe.

Our Old World White Flour offers wonderful flavor with a milder texture and greater flexibility – making for exceptionally delicious pasta that retains all of the beneficial nutrients found in the bran and the germ.

Old World White Spaghetti and Gomiti are available in retail boxes. Also available in bulk in the following cuts:



2 Responses to NEW – OWW Pasta

  1. Nancy Ivey says:

    My husband and I absolutely LOVE your pastas. I have been buying serval boxes from Whole Foods and giving them out to all of my family and friends. The taste and texture as well as the health benefits are amazing!! KUDOS!!!!!

    • Catherine Meng says:

      Hi Nancy,

      Thanks for taking the time to write. Glad to hear you are enjoying our pastas & thanks for spreading the word!

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