Old World White Spaghetti and Gomiti (elbows)

The only 100% California grown and milled whole grain pasta on the market.


Photo Credit: Good Eggs, Colin Price


Photo Credit: Good Eggs, Colin Price

Our Old World White style pasta comes in two classic shapes – Spaghetti and Gomiti (elbows) – sure to make the whole family whole grain converts.

For our Old World White flour, we whole mill our 100% California grown Hard Amber Durum in accordance with our Whole Grain Standard. We then sift out less than 5% of the flour to create a slightly lighter color and less nutty flavor to appeal to people seeking true whole grain AND a more mild wheat flavor. This is how flour was milled in the old country and how it is still done in a few smaller mills in Europe.

Hard Amber Durum wheat is known for its strength, rich flavor, and golden color and makes for a beautiful pasta with great flexibility. Try with delicate ingredients, fish or cream-based sauces – and meatballs, of course.

All our pastas are made in small batches with bronze dies and slow dried. Non-Gmo Project Verified.