Identity Preserved Fettuccine

Pasta with a homegrown story you can taste!


Our IP Fettuccine takes our commitment to transparency to the next level.

What is “Identity Preserved” ?
Identity Preservation (IP) is defined as maintaining a product’s specific traits or characteristics from the point of production to its end use. The most common usage of IP has been in seed production and distribution.

We adopted this practice as a way to stay connected to our whole grain and have worked extremely hard to make the findings public – detailing full information from seed to harvest to mill to you right on the front of the package. We believe food tastes better and is better for you when you are connected to it so we’re bringing back the connection!

Taste the land and care that went in to creating this extraordinary, toothsome and nutty pasta. Made with Landrace* Iraqi Durum wheat grown by our friends at Full Belly Farm in Guinda, CA, our IP Fettuccine bursts with creamy, sweet, and grassy flavors that speak to Full Belly’s organic growing practices, and the soil they diligently tend. It has a mild but still nuanced and rich flavor making it compatible partner to enhance most sauces.

All our pastas are made in small batches with bronze dies and slow dried, adding surface friction that sauce can’t help but cling to. Each box serves about four adults – appetite depending.


All Community Grains retail products are Non-Gmo Project Verified.


*“Landrace” are cultivators that have evolved naturally as a product of their environment, not developed by seed companies, and are usually more genetically and physically diverse.